Yale would rather wage war against and destroy one of its own Grad Students than tell the Honest to God Truth

So much for that Lux et Veritas motto at Yale.

Yale would rather wage war against and destroy the life and lifelong human and civil rights career of an innocent civil rights licensed attorney activist and non traditional student with mental health disabilities than admit the simple, honest to God truth.

Yale has hired outside counsel to represent them at the CT Freedom of Information Act Commission hearing that had been scheduled for October 3rd, 2019, in Hartford, CT. I appealed to the CT FOIA Commission after the Yale Police Department rejected my request for the Yale Police Body Camera Footage from May 8th, 2018, of me only, that exonerates me and exposes Yale’s grossly illegal misconduct and malfeasance. I begged the Ombudsman at the CT FOIA Commission to please help me get Yale to simply release the footage, because I am literally trying to save my life and lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers after Yale told disgusting lies about me that almost drove me to suicide and put my life in grave danger.

Yale obviously refused to release the body cam footage and insisted upon a hearing. Then, after Yale was sure that I had already booked my travel to Hartford, CT for the October 3rd hearing, placing myself in extreme financial hardship, Yale’s new outside counsel made a ridiculous request for a postponement, citing the unavailability of both counsel, and their completely unnecessary witness, Chief Ronnell Higgins, who was a witness to exactly NOTHING.

As Scott Greenfield made clear in his astute blog post, this was an act of war of attrition by Yale against me. It isn’t enough that they destroyed my life and almost drove me to suicide, now they want to bankrupt me too.

I learned today that, shockingly, the CT FOIA Commission Hearing Officer granted the ridiculous request for a postponement. I am distraught, but I am trying to remain strong and calm. The truth is going to get out. Yale will have no choice but to release that YPD body cam footage that exonerates me and exposes the Yale Police and Administration as the LIARS that they are.

Why exactly is Yale University so opposed to the TRUTH getting out? What reason would Yale have for trying to move heaven and earth to stop the May 8th, 2018 YPD body cam footage from being seen by the public? Why would Yale University rather destroy one of its own students than tell the truth? I can tell you why.

The truth is that the Yale Administration and Police were complicit in the now notorious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. The truth is that Yale knew the ENTIRE TIME that I was ENTIRELY INNOCENT. The truth is that Yale told disgusting lies about me after May 8th, 2018, to cover up their own grossly illegal misconduct. Yale’s General Counsel admitted to my then attorney in July, 2018, that they knew that there was NO REASON WHATSOEVER to think that I have EVER engaged in racist behavior, in any way, shape, or form. Yale’s General Counsel also dropped the racial component of the harassment charges against me at that time, a fact which they later denied. This occurred BEFORE Yale President Peter Salovey’s grossly defamatory and wrongful August, 2018 statement that condemned me as guilty of racial harassment, announced sweeping university-wide policy changes, precluded the possibility of me receiving a fair hearing or any semblance of due process, and placed my life in grave danger, as well as destroyed my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers. That is the honest to God truth.

The honest to God truth is that on May 8th, 2018, I explained fully to the Yale Police Officers, whom I had called on their NON EMERGENCY helpline, as repeatedly instructed by both the Yale Administration and the Yale Police, why I had placed my call. I placed my call, because I had been terrorized all evening and for months in my isolated dorm room in the Hall of Graduate Studies, while the Yale Administration and Police not only stood by and did NOTHING to stop the harassment, stalking, and attacks against me, but also the Yale Administration and Police actually ASSISTED my tormentors in tormenting me, including by illegally releasing my personal information to them, including my mental health history at Yale.

I have a YouTube video and blog post that details exactly what the YPD body cam footage contains, but, in a nutshell, it is mostly me, begging the Yale Police Officers to listen to me. It is me, trying desperately to explain to them that I called the YPD, because I had accidentally come upon someone camped out in the small, so called common room next door to my isolated dorm room, who made clear to me that she was one of the persons who had been terrorizing me all evening and for months. I begged the Yale Police Officers to please speak with Yale Grad School Dean Lynn Cooley, because she knew I was entirely innocent and that I was the victim of harassment, not the harasser. I begged the Yale Police Officers to speak with YPD Officer Grace Schenkle and to read her multiple police reports documenting the harassment and stalking that I had endured for months.

The bottom line is that Yale told disgusting lies about me after May 8th, 2018 that almost drove me to suicide. And, Yale continues to defame me, knowingly putting my life in danger and destroying my life and career. And, the bottom line is that Yale doesn’t want the public to know what they have done. This is why Yale is willing to do anything to stop that YPD body cam footage from getting released to the public.

They are even willing to wage war against one of their own students and destroy her life.

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