Character Letter from Yale Philosophy Professor Jason Stanley that was an Exhibit to My Response to the FALSE Charge of Racial Harassment by Yale Grad School Dean Lynn Cooley

I am going to be posting the character letters that were written on my behalf that were part of my exhibits attached to my response to the grossly false and defamatory charge of racial harassment levied against me by Yale Graduate School Dean Lynn Cooley in June, 2018, following the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale University. I will, of course, only be posting those character letters for which I have received permission from the authors.

Here is the character letter from Yale Philosophy Professor Jason Stanley. I consider Jason a dear friend. He is an esteemed and distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Yale. Jason is one of my advisors, and he is one of my two Co Chairs for my Dissertation Committee. Jason is the reason why I got into Yale. He loved my writing sample. And, he was impressed that I had been working with Bas van Fraassen at San Francisco State University, where I received my terminal MA in Philosophy before applying to PhD Programs. Jason is an analytical philosopher who applies these tools to social justice problems, and I am also such a philosopher. That’s why Jason wanted me to come work with him. I have always seen my PhD Dissertation as a human and civil rights project, as my Saving the World project. And, I apply game theory and agent-based computational modeling and simulation and social psychology to an analysis of how to minimize the oppression inherent to our social institutions, including our legal institutions. I am developing a non ideal philosophy of law and language. Jason has been nothing less than amazing to me during the entire time I’ve been at Yale. I can’t imagine a more supportive advisor.

I also really wanted to share Jason’s character letter, because he has been criticized of late, and I think this letter shows that those criticisms are misplaced. Professor Jason Stanley is a man and a scholar of principles. He stands up for what is right, even if this is an unpopular position. He stood by my side during the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale, and he fought tirelessly behind the scenes to save my life and human and civil rights academic and legal careers. He also stood by my side in Spring 2015, when I was socially ousted from the Philosophy Department by most of the other graduate students, because I stood up for the Federal Civil Rights, the religious expression rights, of an Evangelical black man, our only POC job candidate for a tenure track Assistant Professor position.

Jason’s letter is very important, because his letter confirms these events of Spring 2015. Jason’s letter made me cry, because it is so beautiful. I will defend him to the ends of the Earth.

Here is a link to Professor Stanley’s character letter on my behalf. More to follow. I think I will also created YouTube videos wherein I read the letters.:

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