Character Letter from Yale Philosophy and Law Professor Scott Shapiro that was an Exhibit to My Response to the FALSE Charge of Racial Harassment by Yale Grad School Dean Lynn Cooley

I am going to be posting the character letters that were written on my behalf that were part of my exhibits attached to my response to the grossly false and defamatory charge of racial harassment levied against me by Yale Graduate School Dean Lynn Cooley in June, 2018, following the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale University. I will, of course, only be posting those character letters for which I have received permission from the authors.

Here is the character letter from Yale Philosophy and Law Professor Scott Shapiro. I consider Scott a dear friend. He is an esteemed and distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Law at Yale. Scott is one of my advisors, and he is one of my two Co Chairs for my Dissertation Committee. Scott is one of the reasons why I got into Yale. Scott is also an exclusive legal positivist legal theorist with a deep interest in the philosophical foundations of international law, especially international human rights law.

I have always seen my PhD Dissertation as a human and civil rights project, as my Saving the World project. And, I apply game theory and agent-based computational modeling and simulation and social psychology to an analysis of how to minimize the oppression inherent to our social institutions, including our legal institutions. I am developing a non ideal philosophy of law and language.

Scott is also very interested in applying game theory and computational modeling to an analysis of the philosophical foundations of legal systems. Scott actually introduced me to Yale Sterling Law Professor Alan Schwartz, because he knew that Alan was looking for someone with these skills, to develop an agent based computational model and simulations of a corporate control market. And, of course, I have subsequently been working on this project with Alan for years.

Scott was also the moderator for my paper presentation at the International Social Ontology Conference at Tufts University in Boston, MA, in August, 2018. I was presenting the first of the three papers comprising my dissertation, How to Solve Lewis and Hart’s Problems with Normativity, Evolution, and Disagreement. I was terrified, because this was after the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale University. This was after I had been wrongfully globally vilified as something akin to a genocidal villain. I was afraid that there would be some kind of protest or that someone might attack me or that, at the very least, someone would make a nasty comment to me.

I felt so relieved when I found out that Scott was going to moderate my session, and I wonder if he did this on purpose. He is very kind and thoughtful like that. Scott gave one of the key notes at the conference. I only came to give my talk and to listen to Scott’s key note immediately thereafter, and then I fled. As soon as I arrived, I saw Scott, and he came up to me and gave me a big hug and asked me how I was. I felt so relieved. One person did make a nasty comment to me when Scott left the room for a few moments, and there was plenty of side eye. But, I chose to ignore it. I had to give my presentation.

My presentation was so well-received. It was well attended by many esteemed philosophers. People hadn’t come to see me, but there was a very famous Finnish philosopher who presented before I did, and then people were kind and courteous and remained for my presentation. They loved it. I had so many questions afterwards, and so many esteemed and famous philosophers came up to me afterwards to ask me questions. I was so happy.

I just submitted the 2nd of my three papers comprising my dissertation to the 2020 International Social Ontology Conference, which is taking place in Switzerland this summer. I am hopeful that this paper will be accepted also. I will keep you all posted.

Scott has been nothing less than amazing to me during the entire time I’ve been at Yale. I can’t imagine a more supportive advisor.

Scott’s letter made me cry, because it is so beautiful.

Here is a link to Professor Shapiro’s character letter on my behalf. More to follow. I think I will also created YouTube videos wherein I read the letters.:

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