I Don’t Know What Else To Do, And I Don’t Know If It’s Worth It To Try

So, I’ve spent my whole life dedicated to fighting oppression in all of its many forms. I’ve been a human and civil rights activist and licensed attorney my whole life. I decided to pursue a PhD in the Philosophical Foundations of Law, so that I could complete my Saving the World Project and, well, save the world.

And, I’ve given up all hope. I now think that human beings are beyond saving, and it’s not worth it to try. I’ll probably be dead soon, which will make all of my many enemies happy. But, honestly, who cares, right? Because humanity is on a path to destruction anyway. It is beyond saving. It is beyond all redemption. I now just think that all human beings are evil demons who are perfectly happy to get an innocent human rights activist killed for a few bucks.

I just want this hellish 3 year nightmare to end. I just want the abuse to stop. I am 1 person who has already endured and barely survived myriad lifetimes worth of nightmares.

I just want the abuse to stop. I just want to be with my brothers. I just want peace.

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