My Definitive Statement About Being Incessantly Smeared by the Woke KKK as a Violent, Dangerous Psycho, Because They Do NOT Want to Face Accountability for the Witch Hunt at Yale. I Have NEVER Made a Threat of Violence to Anyone, and I NEVER Would

I think all of my beautiful supporters are more than well aware at this point that I am being mercilessly and relentlessly and viciously attacked yet again, especially on Twitter, and including by blue check mark public figures, who will do literally anything to stop me from getting the TRUTH out about the witch hunt at Yale. They will tell disgusting and bald faced LIES. They will try to get me disbarred to destroy my only means of survival. They are leading behind the scenes smear campaigns against me to make sure that I’ll never be able to get a job as an attorney or in academia ever again. They know that I am entirely innocent. They don’t care. They just want me dead, so that they’ll never have to face accountability for what they did to me. They mass report my social media and fundraising sites. They are always trying to get me kicked off social media. This is because I am the PROOF, my very existence is the PROOF that they are all lying bigots and frauds. Their careers and ideologies are utter bigotry and stupidity.

Now, as they have done repeatedly in the past, they are smearing me as a dangerous, violent psycho. It’s truly shocking that they would stoop to this level of dastardly bigotry. They are also claiming that I am making and have made death threats and threats of violence. They are trying to get me kicked off my social media and fundraising sites on this basis.

I want to make something perfectly clear, which is already perfectly clear to any reasonable, honest person: I have NEVER made a threat of violence to anyone, and I never would. I am the least violent, least dangerous, least threatening person in the world. I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Twitter, TwitterSafety, TwitterSupport, and Jack Dorsey all know this. They would love to get rid of me. Don’t you think if I had EVER made a death threat or threat of violence to anyone they would have already permanently suspended my account?

I just wanted to let all of my beautiful supporters know that I will NEVER stop fighting for Justice and to restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale and everywhere. I wanted to let my beautiful supporters know that I will NEVER stop fighting for all Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process victims. I will not allow 1 more innocent person’s life to be destroyed. I will not allow the Woke KKK, who claim to be anti-the Carceral State, to drive 1 more innocent person to suicide for being a civil libertarian who defends the Federal Civil Rights, the religious expression rights, of an Evangelical Black man at Yale, for example, or for speaking Real TRUTH to Power.

I promise all of my beautiful supporters that I am going to keep screaming the TRUTH from the mountaintops. We win this fight against Woke Tyranny, on college campuses and everywhere!

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