Just so everyone knows where we stand.

Just so everyone knows where we stand: if you sold me down the river, and then came back to me on hands and knees, begging me to forgive you, and I did, in all sincerity. If I offered you real and true friendship and forgiveness and support, and you betrayed me and joined my enemies to attack and destroy me, then I just want you to know:

You can go fuck yourself. I will never speak to you ever again. Fuck you for taking advantage of my humanity, my heart, my forgiving soul. Fuck you for making me hate humanity. Fuck you for making me think that all of humanity is evil and not worth saving. Fuck you.

I don’t give a fuck about you anymore. Just like you didn’t care if you got me killed. Just like you didn’t care if I committed suicide over your callous and complete disregard for my well-being. I don’t give a fuck about you anymore, just like you didn’t give a fuck about my life. You are a fucking evil demon.

It is completely fucking preposterous to suggest that I was permanently banned from Twitter, because I tagged Twitter and/or Yale.

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