Twitter Deleted 1 Account that was Impersonating and Abusing Me, But Leaves Up the 1 that Tweeted as Me Talking about Sucking the Dicks of my Yale Advisors.

So, I just want the whole world to know that Twitter Support and Twitter Safety deleted 1 account today that was impersonating and abusing me, but left up the Crying Sarah Braasch / @TearsofSarah account that has been impersonating me and terrorizing me for weeks now, including by tweeting as me and talking about sucking the dicks of my Yale Advisors. Twitter permanently banned me, the victim of egregious sexual abuse and harassment, because I reported the @TearsofSarah account for having done this.

Here is the abuse today from the @SarahBraasch2 account, the 1 that Twitter Support deleted, along with all of their tweets:

And, here is the egregious abuse and harassment from the Crying Sarah Braasch / @TearsofSarah account, that Twitter still has not deleted, even though this abuse and harassment is so much worse. Rather, Twitter permanently banned me, the Victim of egregious sexual abuse and harassment, for reporting the TearsofSarah account for abusing and harassing me. Yes, I realize that this was probably an egregious algorithm error. I realize that the algorithm probably mistook my talking about the egregious sexual abuse and harassment I was enduring as abuse and harassment, but the fact of the matter is that Twitter still has failed to rectify this egregious error, and continues to support the abuser, TearsofSarah, who continues to perpetrate the most disgusting abuse and harassment upon me, and I’m not there to defend myself.

Here is the abuse and harassment just from today:

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