Twitter Support is Permitting Me the Use of My Account to Search for and Report Abuse and Impersonation. I am Confident that My Account Will Be Restored Soon, and My Abuser Will Be Suspended.

So, the Twitter Account that has been impersonating me and terrorizing me for weeks now, Crying Sarah Braasch / @TearsofSarah, believes that I’m going behind Twitter Support’s back and using an old temp account that I didn’t even realize still existed, to get onto Twitter’s platform.

I’m not. Twitter Support is allowing me to use my account that was suspended for the purposes of searching for abuse and impersonation and reporting it.

I am confident that Twitter Support realizes that an egregious algorithm error occurred. I am confident that my account will be restored soon. I am confident that the abuser and harasser and stalker, Crying Sarah Braasch / @TearsofSarah, will be suspended permanently soon. This account actually tweeted as me, talking about how I suck the dicks of my Yale Advisors. I reported this egregious sexual abuse and harassment, and tweeted about it. Twitter locked the account, deleted the tweets, and thanked me for reporting the egregious abuse, and told me to go to the police.

I believe now that there was an egregious algorithm error. The algorithm mistook me describing the egregious sexual abuse and harassment I was enduring for abuse and harassment.

I am confident that Twitter Support will rectify this error soon.

Here is the tweet wherein TearsofSarah believes that I’m using my old temp account. I’m not. I told Twitter Support to feel free to delete it.

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