No, I can’t believe that this is my life now. I spend my days sealing criminal records, stopping evictions, finishing my Yale PhD Dissertation, and fending off sadistic attacks from Richard Painter, former White House Ethics Lawyer (?!), with 750,000 Twitter Followers.

So, everyone already knows that Richard Painter, former White House Ethics Lawyer, if you can believe it, with 750,000 Twitter followers, has been viciously and mercilessly attacking me since September 13th, 2021.

I have documented his abuse and harassment campaign against me in great detail. I literally begged Richard Painter to stop trying to drive me to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process. Here are my blog posts with all the PROOF anyone could ever need or want, including proof of his having incited horrifying mobs against me:

And, here are my 2 YouTube videos:

Everyone knows that this all started, because Richard Painter, former White House Ethics Lawyer and public figure with 750,000 Twitter followers, decided to attack me, a traumatized private citizen nobody who already lost everything, including my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers, and who had already almost died many times over, and who had already spent over three years in hiding for my personal safety, because I am still deluged by death and rape threats and threats of violence.

Richard Painter decided to start attacking me last month, over a more than 3 year old non-event and non-crime at Yale, the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale, to use me as a proxy to attack University of Chicago Law and Philosophy Professor Brian Leiter. Brian has unfailingly stood by my side throughout this entire hellish nightmare. So, Richard Painter thought it was a good idea to use a traumatized woman with a vulnerability to suicide as a pawn to attack Brian Leiter, and Richard Painter didn’t care if he got me killed or drove me to suicide.

This is Cancel Culture. This is Trial by Twitter without Due Process that is destroying us, our legal system, and our egalitarian public space. Richard Painter is the Woke KKK. He joined an extrajudicial vigilante mob and meted out a grossly disproportionate and unjust sentence (Social Death) for a more than 3 year old non-event and non-crime, for which I already paid with everything that I am. I lost everything. I already almost died many times over. He’s not going to stop attacking me until I’m dead.

Because Brian Leiter came to my defense, and because I had the temerity to defend myself against Richard Painter’s egregious attacks on me, Painter doubled down on his depravity and sadistic cruelty.

Here are Brian Leiter’s blog posts about Richard Painter’s sadistic campaign against a traumatized woman with a vulnerability to suicide:

Then, Richard Painter became truly unhinged, because he realized that people were seeing him for what he is, a lying bigot and fraud, who had no problem attacking and exploiting the vulnerable to serve his nefarious purposes.

Richard Painter began making the most bizarre and brazenly mendacious claims about me. He said that I had hurled racial slurs at Don Lemon of CNN. He said, repeatedly, that I had accused him of being involved with Slate and Above the Law Blog’s efforts to doxx and destroy the future career prospects of Federalist Society students at Stanford Law last spring. He tried to paint me as the attacker, as the harasser, as the stalker, despite my copious evidence that his disgusting campaign against me was exactly that, HIS disgusting campaign to destroy me, even though I am a public interest attorney who spends her days stopping the evictions of families from their apartments and sealing people’s criminal records, so that they can rebuild their lives. There is no way that Richard Painter does not realize that he is waging a campaign to destroy not only an entirely innocent person, but a lifelong human and civil rights attorney who had devoted her life to helping others.

I truly think that Richard Painter is evil. I do. You have to be evil to do this to another human being. And, now in his desperation, because he knows that everyone sees him for what he is: a Lying Bigot and Fraud, he is just digging even deeper. I think he doesn’t know how to back out of this debacle that he created for himself.

Of course, he is exploiting my Twitter suspension, even though it is perfectly obvious to any reasonable person that this was an egregious error on the part of Twitter Support. I was banned from Twitter for reporting the most reprehensible sexual abuse and harassment and then tweeting about the egregious abuse and harassment I had endured. The algorithm mistook my tweets about what I had endured as abuse and harassment. Of course, my enemies were happy to report me, knowing full well that I was abusing and harassing no one. I now believe that Twitter is taking advantage of this mistake to get rid of me, because I have been exposing their blue check mark public figures who participated in the witch hunt at Yale as the lying bigots and frauds that they are.

In the tweets below from today, Richard Painter is referencing an essay I wrote on how Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process are destroying us. I include Richard Painter’s sadistic campaign of depraved cruelty against me. I posted this essay on my blog and on Medium. Here it is:

And, here are the latest defamatory, disgusting, and asinine tweets of Richard Painter. Someone really needs to pull him aside and explain to him that he may think he has the upper hand now, but this does not end well for him, because I have the truth on my side, and in the end, truth will out.

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