Twitter Lets Psychotic People, including Blue Check Mark Public Figures, Rant About and Abuse Me Incessantly. I don’t have words to describe how surreal this is. Meanwhile Jack Bans Me for Reporting Abuse.

I honestly don’t have words to explain how it feels to live my life right now, to live inside of a surreal, hellish nightmare.

I just hope that the whole world sees what is being done to me, almost three and a half YEARS after a non-event and non-crime at Yale that was blown into a global racial hysteria by the Fake News Press and Moral Outrage Industry.

What is being done to me, right now, today, should terrify and horrify the whole world. This is what Tristan Harris is talking about when he says that social media is destroying us. It is. It’s destroying our legal system and our egalitarian public space and our society.

This is Cancel Culture. This is Trial by Twitter without Due Process that is destroying us. This is the Woke KKK.

Anyone who cares to know the TRUTH can easily discover that I am a lifelong human and civil rights attorney and activist who was working on the issues of police brutality and implicit bias at the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School.

Even if you think I did something racist, implicitly or explicitly, I committed no crime.

I almost died as a result of the global defamation campaign against me after the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. I lost my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers. I am still fighting for my very survival. I only recently secured a low-paying temp job that is just barely keeping me off the streets. I am still intermittently suicidal.

But, Twitter Support and Jack Dorsey and Richard Painter and Rebecca Kavanagh don’t think I’ve suffered enough punishment for the non-event and non-crime at Yale more than three years ago.

I am the antithesis of a public figure. I was living like a reclusive hermit Rapunzel at the top of a tower on Yale’s campus, and all I have ever wanted was to be left alone and in peace, to complete my Saving the World Project, my Yale PhD Dissertation.

What is being done to me, including by the Fake News Press, including the New York Times, and the Moral Outrage Industry, including the ACLU, is why we must revisit New York Times v. Sullivan and clarify the definition of public figure. Right now, the Fake News Press can and do wantonly destroy the lives of innocent private citizen nobodies, for Moral Outrage Industry money and gain, with impunity.

Kara Swisher of the New York Times knows it’s true, no matter what she said on Monica Lewinsky’s HBO documentary on Cancel Culture, 15 Minutes of Shame.

Twitter and Jack Dorsey are, right now, allowing people to abuse and harass and stalk me at will. I can’t even tell you what it is to see people rant about you all day long as if you aren’t even a human being, but something else, a commodity to exploit and manipulate for their purposes, their own self-aggrandizement. It makes me lose faith in humanity. I’m not sure that the human race is worth saving anymore. I just think human beings are inherently evil now.

And, because I was exposing Twitter’s blue check mark public figures who participated in the witch hunt at Yale as the lying bigots and frauds that they are, I was permanently banned from Twitter.

I’m the one who almost died, many times over. I’m the one who lost everything and is fighting for her very survival.

But, because I am an existential threat to the ideologies and careers of the Woke, because I am the PROOF that they are lying bigots and frauds, there is now a massive effort underway to silence me and to cast me as the harasser, as the racist stalker, as the perpetrator, instead of the victim.

I don’t have words to explain what it is to be me right now.

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One thought on “Twitter Lets Psychotic People, including Blue Check Mark Public Figures, Rant About and Abuse Me Incessantly. I don’t have words to describe how surreal this is. Meanwhile Jack Bans Me for Reporting Abuse.

  1. Yes, you just won’t quit. Because your position has the power of being true, which keeps the fire burning with a fuel supply. Whereas theirs has the weakness of relying on the inferior fuel of self-indulgent self-righteousness milked from *bogus* “justice concerns” without that foundation of being cleanly honest. Hence a different quality – you have honesty and truth, they have the ability to mob, but that from a place tainted with group-think-facilitated bullying. Interesting asymmetries.
    You will stay strong because you are strong.

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