I Love My Attorneys at Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman. I’m Fighting the Most Powerful People and Institutions in the World, and I’m Doing It Alone, But I’m Not Alone, Because I have my Attorneys Standing by my Side.

I so often feel entirely alone.

I feel like I am standing entirely alone, fighting entirely alone, against the most powerful people and institutions in the world.

And, no one will help me, because everyone wants me to die already, because near everyone participated in the witch hunt at Yale, and no one wants to be held accountable for what they did to me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just not going to make it. I just don’t know how much more abuse I can take.

But, then my wonderful, amazing attorneys at Randazza Legal Group remind me that I’m not alone.

I have Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman fighting alongside me.

I love them forever.

I wouldn’t be alive without them.

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