Woke KKK Lash: Michael Eric Dyson on Bill Maher Defines Woke KKK. Dyson is an Evil, Lying Bigot and Fraud. I know, because he tried to drive me to Suicide for Moral Outrage Industry $$$.

Please know that Michael Eric Dyson defines the Woke KKK.

Please know that everything Michael Eric Dyson said on Bill Maher’s show was a bald faced LIE.

Bill Maher began the discussion by pointing out the routing of the Democrats in the week’s elections. Bill Maher pointed out that Critical Race Theory in public schools, being taught to school aged children, is what drove the routing of the Democrats, just like he said it would. Bill Maher called it a “Wokelash.” It should be called a “WokeKKKlash.”

Michael Eric Dyson tried to say that white parents are just mad that the history of Black people is being centered. He tried to say that that is all that white parents mean when they are upset that their children are being taught Critical Race Theory in public schools. Dyson told Maher that he underestimates the level of anti-Black sentiment in the US.

This was the theme of the entire conversation: Dyson talking about how there is a war being perpetrated by white people against the Black body, including by police, and Maher pushing back, saying that we don’t live in that world anymore. Glenn Loury was also on the panel, and he concurred with Maher for the greater part, saying that we need to move beyond race and appreciate exactly how much we have moved beyond race as a society. Loury would later remark about how police killings are not a first order threat against the integrity of the Black body, and we shouldn’t sensationalize and racialize the issue. Maher noted that Dyson indulged in histrionics when he said in one of his recent books that the police have an unyielding appetite for Black subordination.

Michael Eric Dyson 100% knows that he is lying about Critical Race Theory. He refused to address Bill Maher’s points about young school children being segregated by race and being told that some of them have more moral and epistemological authority than others, based upon the color of their skin only.

That is my definition of Critical Race Theory / Woke Intersectional Feminism:

If someone is a member of a sub social group deemed to be an oppressed sub social group, then they are regarded as having a greater moral/legal/epistemological status than someone who is deemed to be a member of an oppressor sub social group.

Michael Eric Dyson knows this. He’s just lying.

I knew this more than a decade ago when I worked with Ni Putes Ni Soumises in France, and we called it cultural relativism and cultural obscurantism.

No reasonable person objects to teaching the real and truthful history of the United States, including a full accounting of slavery in the US and its lasting effects, as well as the Jim Crow and Civil Rights Eras. People object to US public schools sending the message that some US citizens are disfavored by the US Government, based solely upon Race.

This is at the very root of the message of Critical Race Theory / Woke Intersectional Feminism.

Michael Eric Dyson told the most egregious lie when he said that Critical Race Theory is about addressing institutional racism, not individual prejudice.

Because I’m pretty sure that Michael Eric Dyson was not addressing institutional racism during his whirlwind media blitz to make as much Moral Outrage Industry money as possible off of turning, me, an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, into a corpse, in the aftermath of the ridiculously obvious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. On CNN and everywhere, Dyson concocted the most ludicrous race-baiting dystopian fantasy about what had occurred at Yale. There is not a single doubt in my mind that he 100% knew that I was an innocent human and civil rights attorney and activist. He knew he was lying about me and putting my life in the greatest danger.

This is what happens when there simply isn’t enough anti-Black racism, on elite university campuses or anywhere, to satisfy the coffers of the Career Race Hustlers like Michael Eric Dyson. He has to pretend that a non-event and non-crime and obvious Hate Crime Hoax at Yale is a re-enactment of Carolyn Bryant getting Emmett Till lynched. Dyson is the most egregious charlatan and fraud. He is responsible for destroying the Living While Black movement. He never met a Living While Black Race or Hate Crime Hoax he didn’t push for money. He doesn’t care about Black people or Racism or Police Brutality. He cares about lining his pockets with Moral Outrage Industry money.

This is why Michael Eric Dyson defines Woke KKK. This is why Michael Eric Dyson defines Woke Privilege. He has never retracted his disgusting lies about me or apologized for almost getting me killed and destroying my life.

Dyson tried to deny the existence of Woke racial segregation on college campuses when Maher tried to bring it up. Dyson tried to say that Black students are self segregating because they don’t feel that they belong in white spaces that have alienated them. I was so grateful that Loury pushed back. He brought up a lecture at Brown with no Black students, because the speaker was even mildly conservative. Anyone who is deemed to have strayed a hair from Woke orthodoxy is regarded as the most intolerable white supremacist / nationalist. Consider what happened to me at Yale. I had been targeted by the Yale Admin and student body for years, because I stood up, as a civil libertarian, for the Federal Civil Rights, the religious expression rights, of an Evangelical Black man at Yale, our only POC job candidate for an Assistant Professor Position in the Philosophy Department. This is why I was widely known and despised across Yale’s campus.

The Federal Civil Rights Act will not survive the Biden Administration. If it exists thereafter, it will be in name only, because the Woke Democrats want to bring back Jim Crow racial segregation. It’s already back on college campuses under the thrall of Woke Tyranny.

There is virtually no anti-Black racism at Yale. This is why the student body has to perpetrate Living While Black Race and Hate Crime Hoaxes, so that they can play at being activists and victims.

And, then Dyson tried to say that Black people can’t get away with the same bad behavior that white people can get away with. This is white privilege.

No, Michael Eric Dyson, the unWoke can’t get away with the bad behavior of the Woke. This is Woke Privilege.

Woke Privilege is being able to perpetrate a Hate Crime Hoax at Yale with impunity. Woke Privilege is being able to harass a student in her isolated dorm room for months with the support and encouragement of the Yale Administration and Campus Police.

Woke Privilege is being able to destroy someone’s life without consequences. Just like Michael Eric Dyson did to me.

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