This has to be a Joke: Richard Painter, who Defines Woke KKK, and who Spent the Past 2 Months Trying to Drive me to Suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter, is going to Run for Governor of Minnesota?!?!

This has to be a joke.

The whole world knows now that Richard Painter, former White House Ethics Lawyer, with 750k Twitter followers, spent the past two months trying to drive me, an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, to suicide, via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, to use me as a proxy to attack University of Chicago Law and Philosophy Professor Brian Leiter. Painter was exploiting and abusing me to attack Brian Leiter, because Brian Leiter has steadfastly stood by my side during the entire more than 3 year hellish nightmare I’ve been enduring after the perfectly obvious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale.

Richard Painter defines Woke KKK. He joined a witch hunt and vigilante social media mob to impose a grossly disproportionate and unjust sentence against me, Social Death or Suicide, over a now more than 3 year old non-event and non-crime. He targeted me, because he saw me as a good victim he could exploit, a poor white trash nobody loser without resources who can’t fight back and someone with mental health disabilities and a vulnerability to suicide. Richard Painter was also motivated by misogyny and racial animus against white women.

Moreover, Richard Painter not only relentlessly attacked me and incited waves of vicious mobs against me, in an effort to destroy my life and lifelong human and civil rights careers, he also was attacking me for a more than 3 year old non-event and non-crime, for which I almost died many times over, for which I lost my reputation and livelihood, and academic and legal careers. But, this isn’t enough punishment for a non-crime for Richard Painter. He isn’t going to stop attacking me until I’m dead, until my dead body is hung up in a public square in DC, because I’m the PROOF that he is an evil, lying bigot and fraud.

So, if Richard Painter does run for Governor of Minnesota, I will be more than happy to go on the campaign trail with whomever is running against Painter, to tell the story of what he did to me.

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