Woke Privilege. What is it?

I am going to keep this blog post short and sweet, because I have a number of other blog posts I want to publish tonight, but I’ve been giving the concept of Woke Privilege a lot of thought, and I wanted to get this out into the world.

Woke Privilege. What is it?

Woke Privilege is being able to perpetrate a Race or Hate Crime Hoax at an elite university, like Lolade Siyonbola did at Yale, and not only not face any consequences for trying to destroy the life of an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, but even to be lauded and celebrated for having done so. Woke Privilege means being able to usurp and destroy the Living While Black movement for one’s own personal gain, and being shielded from being exposed as having perpetrated the Hoax by the Yale Administration, the Fake News Press, and the Moral Outrage Industry.

The same can be said for Alexander McNab at Columbia University and Oumou Kanoute at Smith College.

Woke Privilege is being a blue check mark public figure on Twitter, and repeatedly trying to drive not only me, but many other private citizen nobodies, often with mental health disabilities and lacking resources to fight back, to suicide, while claiming that one is doing social justice work and helping Black people and tackling Racism, and no one bats an eye.

The list of Woke KKK exercising their Woke Privilege on Twitter is long and illustrious. I could go on pretty much forever, but to mention just a few: Shonda Rhimes, ACLU President and NYU Law Professor Deborah Archer, former The Appeal staffers, including Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh, Josie Duffy-Rice, and Taniel, as well as former White House Ethics Lawyer Richard Painter.

If the private citizen nobodies whose lives have been destroyed have the temerity to not kill themselves and to try to fight back and tell the truth, Twitter and Jack Dorsey will permanently ban the victims of Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, to a rousing chorus of applause and gaslighting.

Woke Privilege is being able to tell the most disgusting lies about innocent nobodies in the Fake News Press, like Jamelle Bouie and Roxane Gay in the New York Times, for Moral Outrage Industry money, and everyone pretends like these were legitimate news stories, and not what they actually were: non-events and non-crimes that were blown into global racial hysterias, at the expense of innocents’ lives.

Woke Privilege is being able to go on CNN, like Michael Eric Dyson did, and try to make money off of turning an innocent nobody into a corpse, and continue speaking and writing books and working in academia, as if you aren’t an evil, lying bigot and fraud.

Woke Privilege is being able to call for the deaths and destruction of the innocent SFA State University girls, some of whom are Black, like Attorney and Charlatan Ben Crump and Race Hustler Tim Wise did, on Twitter, and everyone, including Twitter Support and Jack Dorsey, pretends like it never happened.

I will have so much more to say on this topic, but I’ll stop there for now.

But, the final point I wish to get across is this:

Woke Privilege means never having to say you’re sorry when you get someone killed or destroy their life.

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