Twitter and Jack Dorsey Lock Out an Anonymous Troll Account Obviously Trying to Drive Me to Suicide, But Continue to Do Nothing to Address Richard Painter’s Sadistic Cruelty Towards Me.


So, it seems that Twitter and Jack Dorsey have, yet again, locked this anonymous troll account that has been abusing, harassing, stalking, smearing, and defaming me for weeks, with the obvious intent of trying to drive me, an innocent Yale PhD Candidate and civil rights attorney, to suicide, over a more than 3 and a half year old non-crime and non-event, for which I already almost died and lost my human and civil rights academic and legal careers.

It remains to be seen if Twitter and Jack Dorsey will actually permanently suspend this obvious abuse and harassment Twitter account, or allow them back on the platform, to continue to try to drive me to suicide.

Please know that Twitter and Jack Dorsey permanently banned me from Twitter for reporting this account’s, as well as that of others, egregious abuse and harassment against me.

However, Twitter and Jack Dorsey continue to allow Richard Painter, former White House Ethics Lawyer with 750k Twitter followers, who is contemplating a run for MN Governor, to subject me to the most vile and sadistic cruelty. Twitter and Jack Dorsey have supported and encouraged Richard Painter’s now 2 month long campaign to drive me to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process. This defines Woke KKK and Woke Privilege.

This has been the modus operandi of Twitter and Jack Dorsey. They have tried to cover themselves by disciplining anonymous trolls and small accounts for abusing and harassing me, and they have allowed Woke Intersectional Feminist accounts, typically of blue check mark public figures with huge Twitter followings, to attack me relentlessly with impunity. I have been documenting much of the grotesque abuse and mobbings on my blog.

Here is the notice I received from Twitter:

I want to be perfectly clear:

Twitter and Jack Dorsey are supporting and encouraging the most grotesque and sadistic cruelty towards me, an innocent nobody, on their platform. This is sadistic cruelty that can have no other purpose but to attempt to drive me to suicide.

This is not accountability or consequences, and, in point of fact, I did absolutely nothing wrong, but even if I had, we’re talking about a more than three and a half year old non-event and non-crime, for which I already almost died many times over and lost my lifelong human and civil rights career.

This is not wanting someone to get help.

This is just sadistic cruelty for sport. This is just trying to drive a private citizen nobody to suicide via Cancel Culture on Twitter for sport.

This is sick and evil.

And, the obsession with my appearance is insane. I am not a starlet. I am a middle aged woman and constitutional law scholar and human and civil rights attorney, trying desperately to save her life and career.

I’m not making YouTube videos to become the next social media darling. I’m literally trying to save my life.

But, of course, the hallmark of a sadistic campaign to drive a middle aged woman to suicide is to attack her looks.

And, truly, attacking a middle aged woman for her looks to try to silence her. It’s so original and clever. No one has ever thought to do that before. 

I have lost all faith in humanity. I now just think human beings are inherently evil and stupid and not evolved enough to survive much longer.

Tristan Harris is absolutely correct. Social media is destroying us. We’re destroying ourselves.

Who thinks this is the way that you get someone to get help? Who thinks this is the way that you do social justice work? Who thinks this is helping Black people or anyone?

This is what pure, unadulterated evil is:

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