If You’re Demanding an Apology from Yale Law School for Trent Colbert, You Should Be Demanding that Yale Law School, Including YLS Dean Heather Gerken and the Justice Collaboratory, Apologize to Me Too

I will have much more to say about this topic, but I just wanted to get out a quick blog post.

Everyone is up in arms over the treatment of Trent Colbert, the Native American Yale Law School Student and Federalist Society Student Member who sent out a party invitation that was deemed racist (it referenced a “trap house” and “Popeye’s fried chicken”) by the YLS DEI Bureaucracy, who issued thinly veiled threats to Colbert’s future career prospects if he refused to sign an apology that had been drafted for him by the Woke Tyrants at YLS.

University of Chicago Philosophy and Law Professor Brian Leiter posted a blog post that linked to a letter from a YLS alum, and former Carter Administration official, who is demanding that the Yale Law School apologize to Trent Colbert.

Here it is:


Additionally, a number of other illustrious figures have spoken out against the Yale Law School Administration’s grotesque treatment of Colbert, and likewise have demanded that they, including YLS Dean Heather Gerken, apologize to Trent Colbert, including for sending out an email to all members of his class, unequivocally condemning him as racist.

Recently, YLS Professor Akhil Amar spoke at a Federalist Society event, condemning the behavior of the Yale Law School Administration, documented here in the Washington Free Beacon:


What I wish to say is this:

If you think what Yale Law School did to Trent Colbert is bad, just wait until you hear what they did to me.

If you are demanding that the Yale Law School Administration, including YLS Dean Heather Gerken, apologize to Trent Colbert for their egregious treatment of him, then you should likewise be demanding that they apologize to me, for their grotesque treatment of me during the what should have been painfully obvious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale and subsequent global defamation campaign against me that almost got me killed and destroyed my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers.

The whole world knows this at this point. And, I am currently being gaslighted by the entire world, because near everyone participated in the witch hunt at Yale that almost got an innocent killed, and no one wants to face accountability for what they did to me.

Instead of rehashing the sordid events that led to the destruction of my life, and almost got me killed, I will repost my YouTube videos and blog posts, including those addressing how I begged Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken to help me save my life and career, and she mocked me, and how Yale Law School Professor and Justice Collaboratory member, Monica C. Bell, who worked with me briefly at the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School and knew me as an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, defamed me in the New York University Law Review, to drive me to suicide, to protect the Justice Collaboratory. Justice Collaboratory member and Johns Hopkins Professor Vesla Weaver and Chris Lebron (also a Johns Hopkins Professor) worked with Vox.com to destroy me, even though they also knew me and had worked with me during their time at Yale. Weaver and Lebron used me as a proxy to get revenge against Yale for Lebron having been denied tenure at Yale. I lost my Advisor, Tom Tyler, Co-Director of the Justice Collaboratory, presumably at the behest of Tracey Meares, his Co-Director of the Justice Collaboratory, after I publicly condemned Weaver and Lebron for their gross abuse of me.

Here are my YouTube videos, documenting this reprehensible campaign to drive me to suicide by the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School, supported by YLS Dean Heather Gerken:

Here are my other blog posts about Yale Law School’s gross mistreatment of me:

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