My Top Priority This Semester is Defending My Dissertation and Getting My Yale PhD

I will continue to fight to save my life and career, restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale and everywhere, and end Woke Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter that is destroying us and getting innocent people killed, but my top priority this semester is to defend my Saving the World Project, my Yale PhD Dissertation, and get my PhD.

The Title of my Dissertation is: The Statics and Mechanics of Social Institutions.

My 3 Yale PhD Dissertation Papers are:

1 — A Modified Lewisian/Hartian Account of Social Conventions

2 — Hart’s Fatal Mistake in The Concept of Law and How to Fix It

3 — A Non-Ideal Account of Meaning Based Upon a Modified Lewisian/Hartian Account of Social Conventions

I have presented my first 2 papers at past International Social Ontology Society Conferences, and I hope to present my 3rd paper this summer in Vienna at Social Ontology 2022!

I would have defended my Yale PhD Dissertation, My Saving the World Project, and graduated with my PhD last semester, were it not for Richard Painter and his Goons’ now more than 4 month campaign to destroy what remains of my life and drive me to suicide.

The whole world knows what Richard Painter did to me. The whole world knows that Richard Painter almost drove me to suicide.

I want Richard Painter to know that he should stop wasting his time exploring the possibility of running for Minnesota Governor. He will NEVER be Governor of Minnesota after what he did to me. The Good People of Minnesota will NEVER elect a monster who spends the vast majority of his time abusing and terrorizing an already traumatized and vulnerable and suicidal woman on Twitter for sport.

But, I will NOT let Richard Painter and his Goons stop me. They FAILED.

They tried incessantly for the past more than 4 months to destroy me and drive me to suicide, and they FAILED.

They tried to get me fired. They tried to get me disbarred. They tried to get me expelled. They tried to get me de-platformed and kicked off all of my social media and fundraising sites that are my lifeline. They tried to SWAT me, repeatedly. They said that I had guns and called the police on me in multiple states. They doxxed me and tried to incite someone to shoot and kill me. They posted my home address on Twitter. They tried to have me arrested for fake restraining orders. They tried to sue me for trademark and copyright infringement. They created multiple accounts across social media to impersonate and terrorize me and drive me to suicide and destroy my life. They told the most disgusting lies imaginable about me in 100 Tweet Twitter thread after Twitter thread. They tried to have me prosecuted for Fraud, including by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. They defamed me on MSNBC. They published race-baiting dystopian fantasy law school journal articles as part of the Get Sarah Braasch Killed Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry. They even compared me to Hitler to destroy what semblance of a life I have left. And, they tried to Lynch me on Thanksgiving and Christmas, including in USA Today, by comparing me to Ahmaud Arbery’s killers and suggesting that I was trying to Lynch Black students at Yale via the Yale Campus Police.

And, Yale Sociology Professor Elijah Anderson even wrote a Living While Black Race Hoax book that he just published and is avidly promoting across the US and the world, so that he doesn’t have to face accountability for what he did to me during the Woke Witch Hunt at Yale.

They only succeeded in getting me kicked off Twitter.

All of my deranged and abusive stalkers, including Richard Painter, are still on Twitter.

Twitter doesn’t care what their users do to me. Twitter wants their users to drive me to suicide, to protect their blue check mark public figures, like Richard Painter, who repeatedly tried to mob me to suicide on their platform, via Woke Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

I can’t let these Woke Monsters, these Woke Witch Hunters win. I won’t let them destroy me.

I will defend my Saving the World Project, my Yale PhD Dissertation this semester, and get my PhD. I already have an M.A. and an M.Phil. from Yale, but I want my 7th higher degree; I want my PhD. I deserve it. I’ve earned it. I won’t let them take this away from me.

And, 7 is my lucky number. I was born on July 7th.

And, I won’t let Yale stop me from completing my Saving the World Project. I will complete my agent based computational model and simulations of how social institutions arise in populations, wax and wane, evolve and devolve, and, eventually collapse. I will complete my social psychological study on the nature of authority, the nature of legitimacy, and the nature of the relationship between the two. I will complete my analysis of how to minimize the oppression that is inherent to our social institutions.

I finished my abstract for my 3rd dissertation paper, to submit to the next International Social Ontology Conference. I just submitted it. My 3rd Dissertation Paper is called: A Non-Ideal Account of Meaning Based Upon a Modified Lewisian/Hartian Account of Social Conventions.

The next International Social Ontology Conference takes place in Vienna this summer, and I want so desperately to go, but you can also attend online.

My last 3 submissions were accepted, so I hope this one will be too.

Here it is:

A Non-Ideal Account of Meaning Based Upon a Modified Lewisian/Hartian Account of Social Conventions


What does it mean for a language to be the language of that population?  David Lewis argues in Convention that a language is the language of a certain population, if that population has a social convention of truthfulness in that language.  This might seem intuitive, even if an idealization.  Don’t we use language to align our beliefs about objects and facts in the world?  

I argue that this is mistaken.  We are never simply aligning our beliefs.  We use language to impose our worldviews upon one another.  

Social power is antecedent to linguistic meaning.  The world doesn’t come to us carved at the joints.  We do the carving.  And, we are always carving the world into extension sets of referents and corresponding linguistic concepts.  I am carving the world as I type.

Linguistic meaning is a social institution like any other social institution; linguistic meaning is a social convention; it is a step public social good.  And, the assumption and conferral of practical authority is an essential feature of all social institutions/conventions (step public social goods).

This is why I use a Modified Lewisian/Hartian Account of Social Conventions as the basis for a Non-Ideal Account of Meaning.  This account can accommodate our pre-theoretical intuitions that linguistic meaning evolves over time, waxing and waning, as sub social groups introduce and cease to use linguistic terms and concepts and referents.  It also solves many problems in the philosophy of language. 

It solves Saul Kripke’s problem of the eternal initial baptism/primitive reference.  The initial baptism is an ostensive definition with a demonstrative reference, i.e., a pointing with authority.  The initial baptism is rendered an identity statement between two rigid designators (the pointing and the authority), because a social group has conferred naming authority.  This answers to our pre-theoretical intuitions that we use proper names and general terms as rigid designators, even for what we construe as artifact kind terms.  

And, we may use proper names and general terms to refer to objects about which we may know nothing.  This is the beauty of an account of reference for proper names and general terms that is a social convention to refer as a naming authority refers.  (This is why I argue that linguistic competence is much more a matter of know how than know that.)  

It also solves Gareth Evans’ problems with his causal description theory of reference for proper names.  Every time we stand in the ostensive definition relation to an object, we make it the case that the name/general term that we use possesses indexicality.  But, because the ostensive definition relation is the most intimate relation in which a speaker may stand with respect to the referent, the truth conditions of our statements never become severed from the things that we care about in the present.  Using a name is bestowing a name, if I have the authority to so bestow a name.

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