Near Everyone Hating on Yale Right Now as Elitist (Over Biden’s Future Supreme Court Nominee) Participated in the Woke Witch Hunt at Yale, Because They Saw Me as a Suitable Poor White Trash Interloper Sacrifice to the Woke Gods

I have always said — Wokeness is thinly veiled contempt for the poor, especially poor white trash like me.

Everyone is up in arms right now, ranting and raving about how it’s good that Biden renewed his commitment to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court, in the wake of Justice Breyer’s announced retirement, because almost everyone on the Supreme Court graduated from Yale or Harvard, and we need diversity of life experience represented on the Supreme Court. Yale and Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League are elitists, out of touch with the lived reality of most Americans.

I’m not going to address the obvious conceptual conflation of Black and Poor, as well as White and Rich.

I want to talk about how nearly everyone ranting and raving about this today participated in the Woke Witch Hunt at Yale that almost got me, an innocent Yale grad student and lifelong civil rights attorney, killed and destroyed my life, my career, my reputation, and my livelihood. I’m struggling to survive. I’m struggling just to stay alive.

Even the evil, lying bigots and charlatans and frauds on ABC’s The View were ranting and raving about this today, including Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines.

If you participated in the Woke Witch Hunt at Yale, I have news for you: You are the elitist who saw me as a suitable poor white trash interloper sacrifice to the Woke gods, to further and advance your career.

If you participated in the Woke Witch Hunt at Yale that almost got an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney killed, like Popehat and Josie Duffy Rice, former President of The Appeal (synonymous with Twitter Race Hustler Shaun King), I have news for you: You are the elitist bridge troll trying to keep the riff riff like me (with diversity of life experience) out of your pristine Ivory Tower.

If you participated in the Woke Witch Hunt at Yale, I have news for you: you are the Power to whom I am speaking Real Truth.

I got into the PhD Program in Philosophy at Yale based upon extraordinary merit alone, and despite extreme disadvantage: a lifetime of egregious trauma, poor, mental health disabilities, sexual assault survivor, barely survived a hellish childhood in a religious cult and a sexually, physically, and emotionally/verbally abusive family. Both of my biological brothers are dead. Jacob killed himself after he had just turned 24, because my father told him to. Aaron froze to death on his own doorstep, due to mixing his anti-psychotic meds with alcohol; he was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. My de facto brother, Sean, also committed suicide.

And, I’m a white woman.

So, because I’m a white woman who was perceived as a crazy, old, poor white trash interloper at Yale, the Yale Administration, including Yale President Peter Salovey, thought I was the perfect, completely expendable nobody loser to cast in the role of their Nazi, to justify their vast, new Maoist bureaucracy for snitching on one another anonymously over alleged racial harassment, with not a stitch of Due Process in sight. (Yale decided against establishing a Title VI office on campus, because they don’t actually care if Black and Brown students feel safe or welcome or a sense of “Belonging at Yale.” They only care about not honoring the Due Process rights of their patsies, their sacrificial lambs, or, rather, poor black sheep. I know. You’re shocked.)

As I have also always said: most of Wokeness is jealous Mean Girls destroying the more talented and successful competition, especially if they’re crazy, old poor white trash like me.

I also dared to be an unWoke civil libertarian who defends the Federal Civil Rights, the religious expression rights, of Evangelical Black men at Yale. And, I had the temerity to infiltrate the inner sanctum, so, of course, I had to be ousted as a heretical apostate. For this, I was ostracized and widely despised at Yale, and not just by the other philosophy grad students, who would leave a room, if I entered it, but across campus. My being persona non grata at Yale was also why I experienced multiple instances of harassment in Yale grad student housing.

But, this isn’t just the case for the Yale Administration and Student Body and Government, and faculty like Yale Sociology Professor Elijah Anderson, as well as Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken and Yale Law School Professor and Justice Collaboratory Member, Monica C. Bell.

Everyone who participated in the Woke Witch Hunt at Yale was playing institutional gatekeeper, from University of South Carolina Philosophy Professor and Daily Nous blogger, Justin Weinberg, to NYU Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidt, to Roxane Gay, who was awarded a Yale Visiting Professorship from Yale President Peter Salovey, and all she had to do was help him try to get me killed. Thank goodness no one could care if I die, because I’m a crazy, old poor white trash nobody loser. That was convenient.

No one has been ranting and raving more about the elitism of the Ivy League, including Yale, his alma mater, than Richard Painter. Richard Painter, who has been waging a now more than 4 month Twitter campaign to destroy what semblance of my life remains and drive me to suicide, because he took me for a poor white trash interloper at Yale, unworthy of my place, as well as the perfect victim, because of my mental health disabilities, and my lack of resources to fight back. He has incessantly mocked me for my private citizen nobody status and my lack of resources to defend myself against his vicious and relentless attacks.

As this Twitter Troll points out: the inconsistency and lack of self awareness (?!?!)

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