Woke KKK Monster Rebecca Kavanagh Continues Her Now More Than 4 Year Twitter Terror Campaign to Drive Me to Suicide and Destroy What Remains of My Life

I will have much more to say about this. I just want to post all of these screenshots right away.

Woke KKK Monster Rebecca Kavanagh literally waged a 4 year campaign of terror against me, to drive me to suicide and to destroy my life. She called for me to be disbarred, expelled, fired, made destitute and unemployable, and irrevocably and irreparably destroyed. In short, she called for me to be put to Social Death/Suicide. And, her now 4 year campaign is not over. She isn’t going to stop attacking me until I’m dead, because I am the still living, breathing PROOF that she is an evil, lying bigot and fraud and charlatan and her ideology and career are utter bigotry and stupidity.

Literally everything that Rebecca Kavanagh says below about me and about Gretchen Mullen, my Twitter Mom and Guardian Angel, is a straight up, bald-faced LIE.

I am working on a HUGE project that will set the record straight, once and for all. I am working on a blog post that is every screen shot of every tweet that pops up when you search “Sarah Braasch,” from 5/8/2018 to 5/25/2020. You will not believe how many of these are Rebecca Kavanagh screaming like a banshee for my Social Death/Suicide.

I am also including my responses to her egregious attacks and LIES, as well as my Twitter Mom and Guardian Angel, Gretchen Mullen’s responses. I love Gretchen, skepticreview89 on Twitter, more than words can say.

I just want to say how much I love all of my beautiful supporters and defenders. I literally would not be alive were it not for your love and support. It means the world to me. I would not have survived this veritable hellish nightmare on Earth without you beautiful souls.

I just have to remind myself that I am being relentlessly and viciously attacked as I am, because we are getting the truth out about the Witch Hunt at Yale. The tide is turning. People are as sick and tired of Woke Tyranny and the Woke KKK Monsters as I am.

I promise to stay strong and calm and brave in the face of this pure evil. What you see here from Rebecca Kavanagh is what pure evil is. It’s hard to even process that one human being could be this evil towards another human being.


Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh, Formerly with The Appeal, aka Twitter Race Hustler Shaun King, Continues Her More Than 3 Year Campaign to Destroy Me, Because I am the PROOF that She is a Lying Bigot and Fraud

Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh got very, very excited last night when she learned that Twitter had permanently suspended me. She thought this gave her instant carte blanche to defame me at will. About a half hour later she deleted her disgusting, defamatory tweets, because someone apparently gave her the clue that she so desperately needs. Twitter made a grievous error that is in the process of being corrected. As I’ve stated, I was being subjected to the most egregious sexual abuse and harassment and stalking from a so-called “parody” account that had been tormenting and impersonating me for weeks, Crying Sarah Braasch / @TearsofSarah. As I’ve also made clear, I now believe that the Twitter algorithm mistook me describing the horrifying abuse and harassment I was enduring for abuse and harassment. I am confident that my Twitter account will be restored shortly. My abuser’s account is locked again for a number of violations. I have been working closely with Twitter Support and Twitter Safety on this.

Here are Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh’s lying tweets about me from last night. I took screen shots before she deleted them, about a half hour after she posted them. She accuses ME of a more than 3 year campaign of harassment and of making death threats, when it is Rebecca Kavanagh who has waged a more than 3 year campaign to destroy me, ruin my reputation and livelihood and lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers, and drive me to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, over an almost 3 and a half year old non-event and non-crime at Yale, the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. She also accuses me of targeting Black women, when it is perfectly clear to any reasonable person that I have been exposing ALL of the lying bigots and frauds who participated in the witch hunt at Yale and subsequent global defamation campaign that almost got me killed.

Everything that Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh says is such an obvious, egregious lie, and so easily disproven, that it’s shocking. It’s shocking that she would think that she could get away with this. I think it just shows how desperate all of the lying bigots and frauds who participated in the witch hunt at Yale that almost got me killed are. First and foremost, I never harassed Richard Painter. Richard Painter, @RWPUSA, has been incessantly attacking me since September 13th, initially to use me as a proxy to attack University of Chicago Law and Philosophy Professor Brian Leiter, because Brian Leiter has unfailingly stood by my side during this almost 3 and a half year hellish nightmare. Because Brian came to my defense, and because I had the temerity to defend myself against Richard Painter’s vicious attacks (all of which I’ve documented here on my blog), Painter repeatedly made the most bizarre and brazen false claims about me. He said that I called Don Lemon of CNN racial slurs and that I had repeatedly accused him of being involved with Slate and Above the Law Blog’s efforts to doxx and destroy the future career prospects of Federalist Society students at Stanford Law this past spring. Neither I nor anyone else ever accused Richard Painter of this. Painter continues his campaign to destroy me and drive me to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process to this day.

Here is my YouTube video about Richard Painter’s ongoing campaign to drive me to suicide on Twitter:

Here are my blog posts about Richard Painter’s vicious campaign to destroy me, including all of the PROOF anyone could ever want:

Here are Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh’s disgusting, defamatory, asinine tweets:

Also, I NEVER accused anyone of swatting me. I spoke about my suspicions. It was extremely suspicious to me that I was swatted on May 9th and May 17th, 2021, immediately after Rebecca Kavanagh reignited her campaign to ruin me and drive me to suicide, along with Josie Duffy Rice, both formerly of The Appeal, which is more or less synonymous with Twitter Race Hustler, Shaun King. Shaun King played a major role in the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. This was also immediately after new ACLU President Deborah Archer, also of NYU Law, thought the first, very most important thing she needed to do as the brand new President of the ACLU was try to drive me to suicide on Twitter and at The Appeal and on the ACLU’s website. The ACLU continues their campaign to destroy me and drive me to suicide and publicly shame me for my mental health disabilities, by grossly violating my privacy, to this day. I found all of this to be a little too coincidental. But, I never accused anyone of swatting me. I merely expressed my suspicions.

Here are my YouTube videos on the topic:

Thank goodness for Gretchen Mullen, @skepticreview89, for documenting so much of Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh’s campaign to destroy me and drive me to suicide over the past almost 3 and a half years. Kavanagh has called for me to be prosecuted, disbarred, expelled, destroyed, impoverished, and she bragged about getting me kicked out of the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School. She wants me dead. She wants me to be unemployable, to starve to death on the streets, to be stripped of my only means of survival, to be expelled from all good society. She wants this and has fought tirelessly for this for more than 3 years, over a non-event and non-crime, when it is perfectly obvious that I am a lifelong human and civil rights activist and attorney who has devoted her life to helping people.

Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh is the one who should be disbarred for what she did to me.

Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh defines Woke KKK. She believes in extrajudicial mob vigilante (in)justice with immediate and grossly disproportionate sentences (Social Death) for alleged and non-crimes without Due Process.

Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh has the gall to call herself anti-the Carceral State, anti-mass incarceration, and pro prison abolition. She doesn’t know the meanings of the terms. I am anti-the Carceral State. I spend my time sealing people’s criminal records, so that they can rebuild their lives. I spend my time stopping the evictions of families from their apartments. That’s Social Justice work, not trying to drive private citizen nobodies to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process for Moral Outrage Industry money and gain. Shame on you, Rebecca Kavanagh. Shame on you for pretending you care about Black people or Racism or Police Brutality.

I have even more, but this is amazing work by my guardian angel, Gretchen Mullen, @skepticreview89:

Here is the essay, both on Medium and here on my blog, that Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh linked to, wherein I also address her campaign to drive me to suicide over the past more than 3 years, along with Josie Duffy Rice, both formerly of The Appeal, and ACLU President Deborah Archer. They have sometimes worked together, sometimes apart.


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